Our Treatments

At ART Rehabilitation Center you will be treated by an experienced inter-disciplinary team with an approach that is customized to your health and goals!

Rehabilitation Program

Human musculo-neuro-skeletal system is known as the “primary machinery of life”. The experts at our cutting-edge facility make possible the rehabilitation of physical performance and functional capacity through the correction of this vital system.


Spinal Correction is a dynamic discipline. Our doctors and therapists stay up with the latest researches and methodologies to provide their patients with the safest and most effective spinal correction treatments.


The balance of life force energy in a human body is crucial to its physical and mental wellbeing. Our acupuncturist will use her skill and experience in this traditional technique to lead you into a balanced and healthy life.


Custom orthotics plays a crucial role in neuromuscular and skeletal rehabilitation. The chiropodist at ART Rehab is highly qualified and competent to prescribe the most appropriate orthotic when needed.


Our qualified physiotherapist is equipped with advanced equipment to help you restore the normal function and quality of life.



The therapeutic benefits of massage range from mood elevation to postural and spinal correction. We have the best RMTs in Brampton with their diverse skillsets to meet your individual needs.

In-Home Therapy

Your comfort is our business. Call us today to book an in-home therapy session to enjoy Active Rehab in the comfort of your home!

Spinal Decompression Treatment

Surgery is not the only cure to chronic back pain. We offer reliable Spinal Decompression Treatment at our trailblazing facility so that our valued customers can live a pain free and fulfilling life.